Drew Brees signed with the Saints 15 years ago today; is this the day he retires?


On March 14, 2006, the Saints added a free-agent quarterback whom the Dolphins had decided not to sign. Fifteen years later, Drew Brees has become one of the best and most productive quarterbacks in league history.

Jeff Duncan of TheAthletic.com notes the anniversary of Brees’ initial signing with the Saints. Duncan also suggests that it would be “fitting” and “very much on brand” for Brees to announce his retirement today.

Duncan’s guess feels at least a little educated. If, however, he knows something about Brees’ plans, the Saints don’t — or at least didn’t. Nearly six weeks ago, coach Sean Payton said that Brees would be making an announcement about his future within a week or a week and a half.

Three days from the start of the league year, it would be helpful for the Saints to know whether Brees has done the unexpected and decided to keep playing. His status surely will be a factor in whether Jameis Winston would be willing to stick around for a second season with the team.