Canon’s new camera kits make it easier to turn your DSLR and mirrorless into webcams


If you’ve got a recent Canon DSLR or mirrorless camera and are interested in getting more use out of it, Canon announced today that it would soon begin selling webcam accessory kits, allowing Canon owners an easier way to retool their cameras as high-quality webcams.

Each kit has different parts, but all three packages include a USB cable to connect your camera to your desktop computer or laptop, and a battery insert and power cord so that you can continually keep your Canon camera powered with a wall outlet. It is important to note that none of these kits include a tripod to mount your camera.

Canon has announced three versions of its accessory kit, which are available for preorder at Adorama, Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo, with both retailers noting that preorders are expected to ship on March 25th. The two most affordable kits are compatible with EOS M cameras (M50, M50 Mark II & M200) and EOS Rebel cameras (Rebel T3, T5, T6 & T7), and cost $89.99 each. The more expensive kit, which works with EOS RP cameras, will retail for $159.99. Alternatively, you can buy a third-party charging kit and supply your own USB cable for less than the Canon kits cost; or if you don’t own a camera at all, you can buy a webcam starter kit for as low as $466 on Canon’s website.

Within the past year, webcams have been in high demand due to the pandemic as many people work from home or rely on videoconferencing tools to communicate. Canon, like its competitors, already released software that allowed owners to repurpose select Canon cameras as webcams to address the shortages.